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Silt Sock - Erosion Control

- Cost Efficient - Reusable - Low Maintenance - Green Product -

-Easy Installation - Better Site Access -



Silt Socks are a filter fabric sock filled with wood chips. Filled socks may be used as an alternative to a silt fence in many areas. The socks are an effective erosion control device with a lower profile, making your project easier to access and more aesthetically pleasing.


Silt Socks allow water to flow through at a controlled rate while trapping sediment. This is accomplished by a filter fabric filled with 1/2"-2" of material. The design of the Silt Sock provides intimate contact with the ground preventing water from flowing underneath.


The socks are filled with 100% wood recycled from construction debris. This filler is inert, free of seed, low in moisture content and incredibly environmentally friendly.


The Silt Sock is an effective perimeter control device.


Socks are 8" or 12" in diameter

8" Silt Sock

Pallet Sizes

Pallet 112' ( 7 pieces 16' long)


12" Silt Sock (Special Order)

Pallet Sizes

Pallet 160' (10 pieces 16' long)

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